High Pressure Refrigeration Dryers

Flow rate 0.80 to 106.18 m3/min (28 to 3743 cfm)

UP TO 45 BAR: THP85-45, THP142-45, THP212-45, THP283-45, THP345-45, THP496-45, THP565-45, THP850-45, THP1061-45.
UP TO 50 BAR: THP8-50, THP13-50, THP18-50, THP27-50, THP40-50, THP50-50

  • High Pressure Refrigeration Dryers

FLOW OPTIMISED PIPING: The smaller the pressure differential within the dryer, the more efficient its performance. All THP dryers operate with exceptionally low pressure differential values thanks to quality, flow optimised piping in either copper or stainless steel per model variants.


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