Mobilair M20 to M57 Portable

With the patented Anti-Frost control 7 models including a Utility model for tradies.

With an FAD of 2.0 (70 cfm) to 5.6 m3/min (197 cfm)

  • Kaeser Mobilair M20

Powerful energy-saving team: Kubota engines and KAESER airends. The M20 features a specially designed energy-saving SIGMA profile airend, which is directly driven by a water-cooled three-cylinder Kubota diesel engine. Direct drive eliminates the transmission losses associated with other systems, consequently providing more air for less fuel. Separate air filters for engine and compressor: The air filters are specially tailored to suit required air demand and therefore ensure dependable system operation. A further important design detail is the electric fuel pump which enables quick and simple de-aeration of the diesel lines. The need for laborious manual pumping is therefore eliminated. All features to make the model choice an easy one being environmentally friendly.