DSD / DSD ‘T’ / DSDX – Tailored, modular design for maximum efficiency

Rated Motor Power 75 to 160 kW….FAD from 480 cfm (13.62 m3/min) to 1066 cfm (30.29 m3/min)

Max Working Pressure from 8.5 to 13 bar

  • CSD Standard
  • CSD Standard


The DSD series eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear or V-belt systems, with its 1:1 drive design, the motor directly drives the compressor’s rotary screw air end. The perfect solution for high efficiency compressed air systems for industrial situations. Low noise level of only 68 – 79 dB (A) depending on the model variation.

DSD ‘T’ Incorperates An integrated refrigeration dryer

Rotary Screw Compressed air quality is consistently maintained with efficient cooling. The additional integrated refrigeration dryer in DSD T units provides high-efficiency performance due to its energy-saving control components.

DSDX SFC VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE – Ultimate efficiency.

Maximum working pressure 9 to 15 bar

The option of variable speed control can provide distinct rewards for specific purpose applications, example: saving on lengthy running costs and maximising service life. The DSDX SFC models are built to provide maximum efficiency and designed to avoid extreme high-speed operation. A purpose built situation.

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