ESD / ESD SFC Series: Revolution in efficiency with the World Renowned Sigma Profile airend

Rated Motor Power 132 to 250 kW….FAD from 728 cfm (20.62 m3/min) to 1483 cfm (42.00 m3/min)

Max Working Pressure from 3.5 Bar – 15 Bar

  • ESD Standard


The ESD Rotary Screw series 1:1 drive design eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear or V-belt systems along with the intelligent design combines the ease of operation and serviceability. The motor directly drives the compressor’s air end. With its shrewd smart cooling system, the ESD series provides the faultless solution for high efficiency performance for industrial compressed air positioning. Low noise 72 – 79 model variation.


Max Working Pressure from 9 to 15 bar

The ESD SFC Rotary Screw models are built to provide maximum efficiency and designed to avoid extreme high-speed operation as well as providing exceptional power saving. The use of variable speed control can provide definite advantages for specific applications, saving on lengthy running costs and maximises service life.

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