HSD / HSD SFC Series: Double dependability and power

Rated Motor Power 360 to 500 kW….FAD from 1518 cfm (43.0 m3/min) to 2945 cfm (83.4 m3/min)

Max Working Pressure from 8.5 - 15 bar

  • HSD Standard


When one compressor is not enough. The HSD series from Kaeser comprise of two self- contained units installed within a single unit. Approximately 50% of compressed air is still available, if one compressor is shut down. Impressive for installation with minimum space availability. Low noise only 73 – 75 per model variation.


Minimal space requirement, maximum power. Exceptional efficiency, Complete compressed air system, SFC module from Siemens, Soft start with no spikes, Perfect performance even at high temperatures. High volume of quality compressed air. Ideal solution for industrial applications. The HSD series exceeds the standard for compact design, high-performance air delivery and power. Comprising two self-contained compressor units installed within a single enclosed unit.

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