SK Series: Versatile, Quiet, dependable performance.

Rated (IE3) Motor Power 11 to 15 kW….FAD from 46 cfm (2.00 m3/min) to 88 cfm (2.50 m3/min)

Max Working Pressure from 8 - 11- 15 bar

  • Sk Standard
  • Sk Aircenter Integrated Air Receiver and Refridgerated Dryer

SK ‘Standard’ version: Rotary Screw compressor only.

The advantage of the SK versatility is the internal components exceeding others in the market place with the key of being versatile beyond expectations. Environmentally friendly generating noise level of only 66 to 68db per model variation. Purpose built for more air, less energy cost.

SK ‘T’ version: For Moist Free Air

Consisting of the SK ‘Standard’ with the added benefits of a Refrigerated Dryer, making the SK ‘T’ version a must for treated clean dry air. Protection of downline air-tools, attachments and equipment from that airborne ‘enemy’ to compressed air... carry over corrosive moisture!


The above ‘Standard’ and the ‘T’ versions are adaptable to be plumbed into an existing air receiver if compatible (a cost saving factor) or consider the "Aircentre" option.

SK ‘Aircentre’ version

The advantage of the ‘Aircentre package’ is the ability to obtain the versatility of a Rotary Compressor, Refrigeration Dryer and Air Receiver all in one foot print with added advantage of more air, less in running cost. The SK “Aircentre” is no exception with an enclosed 350 litre Air Receiver to outperform and outlast all other competitors.


The savings of variable speed control can be beneficial with advantages for specific applications. Especially with the designed frequency converter integrated into the compressors system control cabinet for added proven power savings.

The Aircentre and ‘T’ models are also available in variable speed drive. A win-win situation.

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