SM SERIES: Adaptability to surprise.

Rated (IE3) Motor Power 5.5 to 9 kW….FAD from 19 cfm (0.90 m3/min) to 44 cfm (1.50 m3/min).

Max Working pressure from 8 to 15 bar

Quality features throughout, engineered bred to mean business.

  • SM Standard
  • SM T Integrated Refridgeration Dryer

SM ‘Standard’ version: A stand-alone Rotary Screw Compressor only.

Features Kaeser trademark of whisper quiet operation along with space saving in one footprint, adaptable to the workplace requirements. Quiet 64 – 66db per model variation. Quality features throughout, engineered bred to mean business.

SM ‘T’ version: Offering the benefits of clean dry air.

‘Standard' version: plus a Refrigeration Dryer, providing the end user with quality dry moist free air. Driven by an IE3 motor for lower power consumption cost, adding extra value to out-perform.


The above ‘Standard’ and the ‘T’ versions are adaptable to be plumbed into an existing air receiver if compatible (a cost saving factor) or consider the "Aircentre" option.

SM ‘AIRCENTRE’ version: the complete space saving package.

Combining SM 'T’ version with the Refrigerated Dryer plus an enclosed 270 litre Air Receiver to complete the ‘Aircentre’ package, compact and efficient. Becoming one of the most talked about compressor packages on the market with its intoxicating quiet manner it goes about its business of only 64 to 66db. A must have for quality air. Adapts to excel to extremes!


The use of variable speed control can provide definite advantages for specific applications. The frequency converter is integrated into the compressor system’s control cabinet for proven power savings. Also available in ‘T’ and ‘Aircenter’ models.

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