SX SERIES: Rotary Screw Compressor - Compact, Efficient, User friendly.

Rated (IE3) Motor Power 2.2 to 5.5kW….FAD from 9 cfm (0.34 m3/min) to 28 cfm (0.80 m3/min)

Max Working pressure from 8 to 15 bar.

  • SX Standard
  • SX Aircenter Integrated Air Receiver and Refrigerated Dryer

SX ‘Standard’ version: This IS a stand-alone Rotary Screw Compressor.

Designed for the small to medium operator taking up little space. Supplying quality compressed air for the workshop environment with whisper quiet 59 to 64db operation per model variation.

SX ‘T’ version: If requiring clean moist free air.

Standard SX Rotary Screw Compressor with the added feature of a Refrigeration Dryer combination. All in one space saving footprint. Dependable performance for dry compressed air.


The above ‘Standard’ and the ‘T’ versions are adaptable to be plumbed into an existing air receiver if compatible (a cost saving factor) or consider the "Aircentre" option.

SX ‘AIRCENTRE’ version: The complete space saving package - “A compact popular choice”

The Aircentre package involves a Rotary Screw Compressor, Refrigeration Dryer including a 200 litre Air Receiver, all in one footprint. Hush quiet 64db producing clean moisture free air.

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