In order to control and monitor various processes throughout industries modern technology has provided a vast array of new instrumentation to the market. Hitemp Pneumatics through its association with its principle companies is able to provide many monitoring and control solutions.

Some of the products available through Hitemp Pneumatics are:

Pressure Products

Pressure Products

Pressure Gauges:

  • General Industrial: 40mm – 300mm in both steel and stainless steel
  • Refrigeration and Ammonia: 63 and 100mm
  • Refinery Oil and Chemical: 63mm – 160mm
  • Accessories: Pressure snubbers, diaphragm seals, and pigtail syphons
  • Digital and dial models available.

Pressure Switches:

  • Full condor pressure switch range for compressors
  • Line pressure switches ¼” bsp for pressures 0.2 – 2 bar, 1-10 bar through to 50-300 bar with ISO square IP65 plug 240VAC max.
  • Vacuum Switches ¼” bsp 100-500m bar [VAC] 500-900m bar [VAC] with ISO square IP65 plug.


Digital Thermometers: Up to 300º C with fixed probe, or Up to 1340º C with Type K probe

Data Loggers: Extensive range for temp from -200º C - +140º C

Bi-Metal Thermometers: In 3”, 4” and 5” dial sizes with temperature ranges from - 40deg C to +500deg C with stem lengths from 2½” – 36” These have the option of fixed and adjustable heads on all industrial and heavy duty models. Thermo-wells in flanged, socket weld or threaded styles with stepped tapered or straight shanks are also available.

Thermocouple: Large selection of thermocouples and RTD sensors with a variety of terminal heads such as small and large aluminium, Large bakelite, Large stainless steel and machined aluminum. Available in Calibrations and diameters: KJN and T. 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm.

Flow and Level

Flow and Level

Flow Instrumentation: Available in the forms of monitor and local indication, Use of paddles, tubes, baffles, impellers and electro-magnetic styles of flow meters. Displays vary from gauge [sight indicators], dial, switches, and 4-20ma with totalizers.

Level Instrumentation: Is available using probes [RF], Float and Ultrasonics and capacitance indicator. Switches and transmitters which provide local and 4-20ma output with or without Hart Protocol.