Hitemp Insulation Pty Ltd

Originally started in 1987 designing and manufacturing specialised high temperature valve and flange insulating covers, high temperature flexible joints and supply of both fibreglass and silica glass products.

As the principle of the company had a mechanical engineering background with a history of pneumatic products, Hitemp Pneumatics was registered as a trading name.

Hitemp Pneumatics

Born from early days with the association with Goyen Controls, Hitemp Pneumatics has advanced its’ range of products by bringing in new expertise and forming new alliances. These areas include most brands of Pneumatic Equipment such as GOYEN, SMC, Norgren, Festo, Pneumax (Air & Automation), Numatics (Ascomation), Burkert, Univer etc. Dust Collection monitoring, control valves and filter bags. Goyen and Ascomation Mechanical Valves, such as Knifegate, Butterfly, Check, Gate, Globe and Ball valves. Gauges, Fittings, Pipe, Tubing and Air service units. Development continued with foundations being laid to open the door to expand further.

Hitemp Compressed Air Services

With the need for the pneumatic equipment to progress into a complete package. A quality air compressor was a sourced and in 1994 an association with Kaeser Compressors was established and Hitemp Compressed Air Service was also registered.

Today Hitemp Compressed Air Services is a Sigma Partner with Kaeser compressors built on the same mind set of providing quality energy efficient air compressor equipment developed through vast experience in design, sales and servicing of compressors, blowers and air treatment equipment.

Along with dedicated qualified staff and with technology advancing further, education and expertise were gained in additional areas, addressing environmental issues, such as power savings, air demand analysis, monitoring and leak detection for dust, gas, moisture and air as well as a full range of dust control equipment of the application to meet customers’ demands. Areas that continued to increase the professionalism of Hitemp to being second to none within its chosen fields.